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definition : Moser

Moser may refer to: * Moser (surname) * An individual who commits the act of Mesirah in Judaism

== Places == * Moser Glacier, a glacier on the west coast of Graham Land, Antarctica * Moser River, Nova Scotia, Canada * Moser Bay Seaplane Base, a public-use seaplane base in Moser Bay, Alaska * Moser Channel, a passage spanned by the Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys * Moser Farm, a historic farm near Kirschnerville, New York

== Companies == * Moser Baer, a technology company based in New Delhi, India * Moser Glass, Czech-based glass manufacturer * Moser Cicli, Italian bicycle manufacturer

== See also == * Kolmogorov–Arnold–Moser theorem, mathematical theorem of dynamical systems * Moser number, the number represented by "2 in a megagon", where a "megagon" is a polygon with "mega" sides * Moser polygon notation, a means of expressing certain extremely large numbers * Moser spindle, an undirected graph named after mathematicians Leo Moser and his brother William * Moser–Trudinger inequality, a theorem in mathematical analysis * Möser (surname)

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