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definition : Mosley

Mosley is a family name.

The Mosley family were the lords of the manor of Manchester, England until 1846. They also became wealthy landowners in Staffordshire (see Mosley Baronets). Famous family members included:

*Sir Oswald Mosley (1896–1980), leader of the British Union of Fascists *Lady Cynthia Mosley (1898–1933), his first wife **Nicholas Mosley, 3rd Baron Ravensdale (1923–2017), novelist, their eldest son *Diana Mosley (1910–2003), his second wife, formerly Diana Mitford **Max Mosley (born 1940), their son, former president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile

Other people with the family name Mosley include: * Andrew Mosley (1885–1917), English footballer * Charles Mosley (coach) (1888–1968), American college sports coach * Charles Mosley (genealogist) (1948–2013), British author and editor of genealogies * Chuck Mosley (1959–2017), American singer. * Edward Mosley (disambiguation) * Henry Moseley, an English physicist, * Ian Mosley (born 1953), drummer in the band Marillion * Karla Cheatham-Mosley (born 1981), American actress * Lacey Mosley (born 1981), American vocalist for the band Flyleaf * Michael Mosley (actor), actor * Michael Mosley (BBC), British BBC television presenter, producer and journalist * Mike Mosley, racecar driver * Sean Mosley (born 1989), American basketball player for Hapoel Tel Aviv B.C. of the Israeli Basketball Premier League * Shane Mosley (born 1971), American boxing champion * Stephen Mosley, Member of Parliament for the City of Chester, England. * Timothy Mosley (born 1971), known as Timbaland, American hip hop producer rapper * Walter Mosley (born 1952), American crime fiction writer

==See also== * Moseley (surname)

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