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definition : Nyquist

Nyquist may refer to: *Nyquist (surname) *Nyquist (horse), winner of the 2016 Kentucky Derby *Nyquist (programming language), computer programming language for sound synthesis and music composition

==See also== *Johnson–Nyquist noise, thermal noise *Nyquist stability criterion, in control theory **Nyquist plot, signal processing and electronic feedback *Nyquist–Shannon sampling theorem, fundamental result in the field of information theory **Nyquist frequency, digital signal processing **Nyquist rate, telecommunication theory **Nyquist ISI criterion, telecommunication theory *6625 Nyquist (1981 EX41), a Main-belt Asteroid discovered in 1981, named after Laurence E. Nyquist *Nyquist filter, a filter used in television systems *Enquist *Nyqvist

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