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definition : Sadat

Sadat () is a given name and family name. It is common to Middle Easterners, mostly those of Turkish or Persian descent. It may mean master, gentleman or leader.

==Notable people with this name== * Abu Sadat Mohammad Sayem (1916–1997), Bangladeshi jurist and statesman * Anwar Sadat (1918–1981), former President of Egypt * Jehan Sadat (born 1933), widow of Anwar Sadat * Nazmus Sadat (born 1986), Bangladeshi cricketer * Sadat Bukari (born 12 April 1989), Ghanaian footballer * Sadat Tebazaalwa (born 1985), Ugandan boxer * Sadat X (born Derek Murphy, 1968), American rapper * Talaat Sadat (1954–2011), Egyptian politician * Zallascht Sadat (born 1986), Afghan and German model

==See also== * Saadat (disambiguation) * Sadat (disambiguation) * Sadat Rural District



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