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definition : concomitant

Concomitance is the condition of accompanying or coexisting. A concomitant is something that accompanies something else.

Concomitant or concomitance may refer to:

* Concomitance (doctrine), a Christian theological doctrine maintaining that Christ's presence is imbued wholly in both the bread and wine sacraments of the Eucharist, such that consuming only one or the other suffices for Holy Communion * Concomitant (classical algebraic geometry), an invariant homogeneous polynomial in the coefficients of a form, a covariant variable, and a contravariant variable * Concomitant (invariant theory), a relative invariant of GL(V) acting on the polynomials over Sn(V)⊕V⊕V* * Concomitant (statistics), a statistic that arises when one sorts the members of a random sample according to the corresponding values of another random sample * Concomitant drug, a drug given at the same time as, or shortly after, another drug * Concomitantly variable codon, a codon in a computational phylogenetic model in which the hypothesized rate of molecular evolution varies in an autocorrelated manner

== See also == * Concomitant disease in pregnancy, a pre-existing disease that may worsen during pregnancy

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