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definition : mademoiselle

Mademoiselle (abbreviated as Mlle or M) may refer to:

* Mademoiselle (title), the French-language equivalent of "miss" (ma = "my" + demoiselle = "little lady" or "my girl"; ) * Mademoiselle (magazine), published until November 2001 * The Mademoiselle, a character in the Revelation Space series * Any of several films: ** Mademoiselle (1966 film) ** Mademoiselle (2001 film) * Mlle (TV channel), the former name of Canadian French channel MOI&cie

==Music== * "Mademoiselle Juliette", a 2007 song by French singer Alizée * "Mademoiselle", a song by the band Styx * "Mademoiselle", an album by The Underground Youth

==See also== *Demoiselle (disambiguation) *Damsel (disambiguation) *Fräulein ("little woman"), an older but similar German term, now often considered to be derogatory, especially when applied to adults. *

Category:French words and phrases

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