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definition : sac

SAC or Sac may refer to:


===Computers=== * Selected Areas in Cryptography, an annual cryptography conference series * Superior Art Creations, an underground group of computer art scene enthusiasts * Symposium on Applied Computing, an annual conference sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Applied Computing * S.A.C. (control code), a control code in the FIELDATA code in the 1960s

===Education=== * San Antonio College, a College of the Alamo Community Colleges in San Antonio, Texas * Scottish Agricultural College, an organization based in Scotland * St. Andrew's College (Ontario), known as SAC * Students' Administrative Council, University of Toronto, the largest students' union in Canada * Sydney Adventist College, a Seventh-Day Adventist high school in Sydney, New South Wales *St Aloysius College, a secondary school and sixth form in Malta

===Government and military=== * California State Prison, Sacramento * Scottish Arbitration Centre * Second Artillery Corps, a former branch of the Chinese armed forces, now the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force * Senior Aircraftman, a Royal Air Force rank held by junior airman * Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Chinese aircraft manufacturer * Singapore Accountancy Commission * Special Area of Conservation, an area defined by member states of the European Union as being worthy of conservation * Standardization Administration of China * Strategic Air Command, a former operational establishment of the United States Air Force * Southern Air Command of the Indian Air Force

===Sports=== * Sooner Athletic Conference * South Atlantic Conference * Swiss Alpine Club

===Other=== * Society for Analytical Chemistry * SAC Capital Advisors, a hedge fund managed by Steven A. Cohen * Satélite Argentino Científico, Argentine research satellites of Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales * Seoul Arts Center, an art and culture complex in South Korea * Service d'Action Civique, a Gaullist organisation * Societas Apostolatus Catholici, a religious congregation within the Roman Catholic Church, also known as the Pallotines * Songwriters Association of Canada, a Canadian organization dedicated exclusively to Canadian composers, lyricists and songwriters * Space Applications Centre, an Indian Space Research Organization Research lab * Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation, a syndicalist trade union federation in Sweden *The Society of Arts and Crafts of Boston, an American craft organisation founded in 1897

== Government and military== * NATO Strategic Airlift Capability, multinational transport aircraft initiative * Senate Appropriations Committee, committee within the United States senate with jurisdiction over discretionary spending legislation * Senior Aircraftman, a rank in the Royal Air Force * Senior Assistant Commissioner, a rank in the Singapore Police Force and Royal Malaysia Police * Service d'Action Civique, French semi-underground/semi-government group, mostly during the era of Charles de Gaulle * Special Agent in Charge, a government agent in authority at the scene of a crime or investigation * Supreme Allied Commander

== Education == * SISD Student Activities Complex in El Paso, Texas * School-assessed coursework, a type of school-based assessment * Student activity center, a type of building found on university campuses * Student Activity Complex in Laredo, Texas

== Science, technology, and medicine == * S-Allyl cysteine, a chemical constituent of garlic * Sac spider, a large catch-all taxon for a large group of disparate collection of spiders *adenyl cyclase sAC, soluble adenyl cyclase * Source of activation confusion model in psychology * Spindle assembly checkpoint, a mechanism of mitosis or meiosis * SnAgCu, Tin-silver-copper, a lead-free alloy commonly used in solder * Supplemental access control, a protocol used to transmit data contained in a passport equipped with RFID chip

== Computers == * SA-C programming language, a C family language targeted at programming circuits * SAC programming language, a strict purely functional programming language * Spatial Audio Coding (MPEG Surround), a lossy compression format for surround sound * Special Administration Console, a system console that provides headless server operation * Strict Avalanche Criterion, a property of boolean functions of relevance in cryptography

== Transportation == * Sacramento Executive Airport's IATA code * Sacramento Valley Rail Station's Amtrak station code * Sports Activity Coupe, a BMW class of cars

== Television and film == * Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

== Food and meals == * Sač, a metal baking vessel and its dome-shaped cover, used in the Balkans and the Middle East

== Anatomical enclosures ==

*Sac (anatomy) ** Amniotic sac ** Anal glands or anal sac ** Bursa (anatomy) or Bursa sac ** Chorion ** Dural sac, a structure of spinal cord ** Egg sac, the reproductive structure of spiders ** Fecal sac ** Gestational sac ** Greater sac ** Gular skin or throat sac ** Ink sac ** Lacrimal sac, eye-and-nose-associated structure ** Lesser sac ** Ovule or embryo sac ** Pleural cavity or pleural sac ** Synovial sac, joint component ** Venom sac, in venom-secreting animals ** Vestibular sacs (disambiguation), various meanings ** Viscid sac ** Vocal sac ** Yolk sac

== Other uses == * Fox language or Sac language * Sac (people), a North American tribe * Sacrifice bunt, used in baseball * Slow Air Chamber of a Native American flute * Special Area of Conservation, a protected area in the European Union * Staff Association Committee * Subscriber acquisition cost * Sacrifice (chess) * Surface Air Consumption, scuba diving metric indicating the volume of gas consumed per minute at the surface

== See also == * Sack (disambiguation) * Sac City, Iowa * Sac County, Iowa * Sac River, a river in southwest Missouri * Sacramento, California

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