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definition : wormwood

Wormwood may refer to:

==Plants== * Several plants of the genus Artemisia: ** Artemisia absinthium, grande wormwood or absinthe wormwood ** Artemisia annua, sweet wormwood or annual wormwood ** Artemisia herba-alba, white wormwood, the wormwood of the Bible ** Artemisia pontica, Roman wormwood ** Artemisia vulgaris, common wormwood * Ambrosia artemisiifolia, Roman wormwood * Senna artemisioides, Wormwood senna

==Places== * Wormwood Scrubs, an open space in the Hammersmith area of West London ** HM Prison Wormwood Scrubs, a prison in West London * Wormwood Street, in the City of London * Wormwood Forest, former name of the Red Forest in Ukraine, surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant within the Exclusion Zone

==Arts and entertainment== ===Fictional entities=== * Wormwood, a character in C. S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters * Matilda Wormwood, the title character of the children's novel Matilda by Roald Dahl * Miss Wormwood, a minor character in Calvin and Hobbes * Mrs Wormwood, a character in the pilot episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures: "Invasion of the Bane", who reappeared in Enemy of the Bane * Wormwood Deathship, described in the Abarat books by Clive Barker

===Film and television=== * Wormwood (TV series), a 2007 Canadian and Australian children's television program * Wormwood (miniseries), a 2017 docudrama directed by Errol Morris

===Literature=== * Wormwood (Bible), also called Apsinthos in the Book of Revelation, a star that falls upon Earth and poisons a third part of the waters * Wormwood (book), a book of short horror stories by Poppy Z. Brite * Wormwood (G. P. Taylor), a 2004 fantasy novel by Graham Taylor * Wormwood, a collection of science fiction stories by Terry Dowling * Wormwood: A Drama of Paris, an 1890 novel by Marie Corelli

===Periodicals=== * Wormwood (magazine), a magazine of literature and literary criticism * Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse, a comic book series by Ben Templesmith * Wormwood Review, a literary magazine published from 1959 to 1999 * Chronicles of Wormwood, a comic book miniseries by Garth Ennis from Avatar Press

===Music=== ====Performers==== * Wormwood, a side-project band featuring two members of Doomriders

====Albums==== * Wormwood (Marduk album), 2009 * Wormwood (moe. album), 2003 * Wormwood (The Acacia Strain album), 2010 * Wormwood: Curious Stories from the Bible, a 1998 album by The Residents

====Songs==== * "Wormwood", a song by Callisto * "Wormwood", a song by Tristania * "Wormwood", a song by Snowman * "Wormwood", a song by Michale Graves * "Wormwood", a song by Fozzy * Wormwood Live, a 1999 live album by the Residents * "Wormwood", a song by Close Your Eyes * "Wormwood", a song by Magica * "Dear Wormwood", a song by The Oh Hellos

==Other uses== * Wormwood (computer virus), a proof of concept computer virus infecting FreeBSD systems

==See also== * Wyrmwood, a 2014 horror film by Kiah Roache-Turner

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